5+ Best paid app list in India full detail

You will find many such paid apps on the Play Store, which have to be paid to use, but there is nothing special in these paid apps, which you have to pay them.

But if you want to know about some such paid app which has such a special thing for which you can invest your money in it, then our post today is only and only for you because in this post of ours today we will give you such Will tell about a paid app, in which after investing your money you will also feel that you have invested your money at the right place and you will get these paid apps very easily on Play Store.

If you search on Google about the paid app, then you will get a list of some apps, about which we will also tell you.

Let us now also tell you about those paid apps which will come after you search on Google-

  • Mx player Pro
  • Nova launcher
  • Weather forecast Pro
  • Podcast addict
  • Black player ex
  • Photo pills

So now it is time to tell you about all these paid apps because until you do not know about these apps, you will not even think of buying them.

Let us now give you all the details about all these top paid apps without wasting your precious time-

Mx player Pro

This Mx Player Pro is an advanced version of the Mx player, which is much more popular than the Mx player. If you watch any movie or video in the Mx player Pro app, then you can watch your movie or video in full without any additives in it.

For this reason, this app is named Mx player Pro, because it has been given features that are not given in Mx player. After all, if you watch any video or movie in the Mx player, then you will get to see ads in it but In this Mx player Pro you can watch any movie without any ads.

First of all Mx player was launched by the India time internet and it was very much like in India, in this we can also live stream online and 500000 plus live stream channels are also available in it, which you can watch for free. Apart from this, you can watch and play movies, TV shows, web series, live streaming, games, etc.

Nova launcher

As the name suggests, what it does, is let us tell you that it is a one-of-a-kind powerful launcher that helps you to fix every problem related to your home screen.

This is also a paid app, through Nova launcher you can bring many types of facilities to your mobile phone, along with this you can also change your themes, apart from all these features, you can also get many facilities through Nova launcher. You can apply on your mobile phone.

Weather forecast Pro

The weather forecast Pro app is capable of giving you all kinds of weather-related information, Weather forecast Pro does not make any mistake in telling you all types of weather and it is designed in a very simple way so that the user can get any information about the weather. Do not face any kind of problem.

Along with this, it can also tell you the changes in the weather in the coming 3 days, if you want to know more about this Weather Forecast Pro, then you can download Weather Forecast Pro and learn more about this Weather Forecast Pro. You can also know the information.

Podcast addict

Podcast addict is also a very useful paid app, through this app you can enjoy different types of audiobooks, live streams, YouTube, Twitch, SoundCloud channels, and RSS news in this app.

Through this podcast addict, you can listen to books, and stories in the form of audio, which will also save your time and you can listen to the story of books very easily while doing your everyday tasks.

You will not have any regrets after buying a Podcast addict because you will get such features that you will not find in any other podcast app, so if you are fond of reading books but you do not have much time to read those books and stories. If you can read, you can listen to books while doing your daily work with this podcast app.

Black player ex

Black player ex is a great paid app, in this, you can listen to songs without any interruption because after buying this app you listen to any song from this app also you will not see any kind of ad during that song.

In this, you get to listen to high quality and very good songs as well as you get to see much quality in this app like Black player EX removes ads so that focus can be on the music. Of course, this music player also includes all the excellent features of the standard BlackPlayer. Build your interface with the customizations found in the Settings menu.

extra features:

Light Theme!

White Widget Theme.

Enabled in Audio Settings

Group music by year and musicians

Fully customize library pages. Add, Remove and Sort.

Screen always-on option.

Screen rotation lock.

Change the start page of the library.

Find and set artist images manually

View styles as a list and a large list.

Played Tracks can be tracked monthly instead of weekly.

Add the “Playlists” page to the library.

Photo pills

Photo pills is a photography app through which you can do amazing and amazing photography, Photo pills is a great app that many people use it can help with.

Along with this, in this app you will get to see more such features, which can take photography to a next level, if you want to know more about Photo pills, then let us tell you that You can know other features of this app only by downloading this app until you download this you will not know Photo pills completely.


In this post of ours today, we have told you about such best-paid apps, after downloading, you will understand that you have invested your money in the right place.

We hope that now you must have come to know about the paid app, if you liked this post of ours, then definitely share it with your friends and also help them in providing information about the paid app to them.

That’s all in this post of ours today, if you have any other type of question in your mind, then you can ask by commenting in your comment box, thank you!

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