Top 5 mobile games app for android and IOS

In today’s post, we will tell you about the names and features of top 5 Android and iOS mobile games, after knowing which you will feel like playing these games.

If you do not know about top five Android and iOS mobile games, then you can read our complete post to know about top five Android and iOS mobile games.

Top 5 mobile games app for android and IOS
Top 5 mobile games app for android and IOS

So that you do not face any kind of problem, now we tell you about the top 5 Android and iOS mobile games which are going to be the best mobile games 2022. And this game is also top 5 android mobile game.


PUBG is an online multiplayer game, which has become quite popular and famous in today’s time. But in today’s time it is so famous because inside this game players get to see a different world in which they can do all the things which they cannot do in life like walking helicopter, gunning, driving car. Shooting a gun, landing with a parachute, taking a view of the sky, etc.

In this game, you can play the game by making your team, there are some rules and regulations to play this game, which we will tell you in today’s post that let us now tell you more interesting facts about this game.

To play this game, first you have to create an ID inside the game. After creating your ID in this game, as soon as you open this game, you can play this game, if you want, you can also buy some things by investing your money in this game, such as some gun skins and car skins. and some clothes and you have to buy uc first to buy all this then with that uc you can upgrade royal pass in it and you can buy some create opening in create opening, you also get legendry and normal items that you Can use in your game you can show your friends

100 players play together and whichever player or whichever team last till the last will be the winner of this game in which in the language of this game there is chicken dinner and they get chicken dinner. Now you would not think that they get to eat chicken, it is a kind of title which is given to the winning team or player.

Until you experience the game by playing this game, you will not know why we are appreciating it so much because until we do something ourselves, the information is not available.

So let’s now turn to the game in our second top 5 Android and iOS mobile games list, which is also a game in the top 5 Android mobile games list.

call of duty

Know that this game is not exactly like pubg but it has some features which are in pubg..

Quite different from PUBG, in this game a lot of players play together and the player who survives in the last is the winner of this game.

In this game you will get to see many modes like if you want to play alone then solo mood for you if we want to play with two people then you can play duo match if you want to play with 4 people then you squad match can play.

Along with this, you also get to see many maps in this game, if you want, you can play matches in any maps as per your choice.

free fire

Free Fire is also an online multiplayer game like call of duty, in this game you will see many characters with whom you can enjoy this game, this game is just like pubg, it has some features that make it as pubg get along.

This game is run by Garena Company, in this game you get to see a new Elite Pass every month which if you buy then by completing certain tasks you can get the gift of Elite Pass. Along with this, you get to see many such events in this game, through which you can get many gifts absolutely free of cost by completing the task without spending any money. And this game is also very popular game like pubg.

IIn today’s time free fire has become very popular and every kid knows about free fire and many kids play it free fire is a very good game for android and ios.

It also has some features which are similar to pubg but there are some changes in it which are different from pubg, you can create your squad and play like any pubg and enjoy with your friends.


Minecraft is a very popular game, its initial release date is May 17, 2009 and the company released it officially in 2011, it has sold a total of 18 million copies, making it the world’s best-selling and most played game .

The game can be played in multiple modes and can be played comfortably on both iOS and Android. Minecraft game is a sandbox game. Sandbox games are games in which you can do anything with your mind.

As soon as you open this game, Mojang’s logo will appear in the beginning, in this you will see options like Single Player and Multiplayer and the rest of the options will be for your language and setting of the game, after going to this game your own private. There will be World and there will be some mode.

You can create and play in them, and the game has three modes, Creative, Survival, or Hardcore. You can do anything using any graph in the game.

Clash of clan

This game is also a very popular game and you will enjoy playing it with many amazing features and mood, so let’s tell how to play clash of clan game, 500 million downloaders of this game in play store. which is very high in today’s time and its rating is 4.5 on the other hand whenever you start the game this game has its own clan, which we have to protect from enemies, by using some of our equipment and some portals.

In this game we find some really good old time weapons using which we can fight with enemies and customize our clan even more, clash of clan is multiplayer game, you can create your own team with your friends Huh. On the other hand, the boys of their enemies can claim their authority over their clan.


In today’s post, we have told you about the top five Android and iOS mobile games that you can enjoy playing and we have also told a lot about them so that you can know about their games and all kinds of information. If you have any kind of doubt in your mind then you can read our post again. Along with this, we also request you that if you find any kind of error in this post, then definitely tell in the comment box. In today’s post, that’s all till then we bid farewell to you, thank you.

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